Auto Shop Uniforms

auto shop uniforms

Whether you choose G&K Services or Cintas, FLADCO can deliver a uniform provider that offers the widest array of choices and the best service for your location. Both G&K and Cintas have proven track records in the automotive industry. To ensure you get the best price and consistent service, FLADCO performs regular audits to protect dealers from price increases and unnecessary orders. We proactively survey our customers on the quality of the service they get and the accuracy of their invoice to ensure they’re paying the correct prices.

Learn more about what G&K Services offers through FLADCO

Learn more about what Cintas offers through FLADCO

Our dealership departments have been using FLADCO vendors for nearly 20 years. We have found them to be extremely competitive in their pricing but, more importantly, we can trust that the vetting has been thorough and the vendor is monitored for ongoing compliance. This gives us “peace of mind.”

We have experienced non-FLADCO vendors who have portrayed themselves as a FLADCO vendor, causing undue performance and profit risks. Therefore, I always say, “FLADCO first” in all procurement decisions."

- Nathan Potratz, Executive Manager, Gordon Chevrolet

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