Vendor Benefits

benefits of becoming a fladco vendor partner

Get Hundreds of New Customers With One Call

FLADCO serves 1,000 dealerships, and some of our vendor partners serve every one of them. Our unique model connects great products with reliable dealer customers. When we partner with a vendor, we do so because we deeply believe in what they offer. We’ll strive to inform our customers about the product or service and work closely with vendors to best market it.

The FLADCO formula works for our clients, but it also delivers for our vendor partners. All of our partners have seen consistent and measurable sales growth since signing on with FLADCO. If you offer a great product for automotive dealers, give us a call to see if you can be one of our carefully selected partner vendors.

"The relationships that FLADCO has with its customers is based on trust and fulfilling its brand promised to the dealership!

As a result of our partnership with FLADCO and their dedicated professional Business Development Managers, G&K Services has been able to provide over half of the FLADCO dealer members with the highest quality products, service excellence and partnership accountability to meet FLADCO’s commitment of savings, quality and controls to their dealer members!"

- Pat High, Regional Vice President, G&K Services

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