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Service departments can clean up with spring cleaning detailing work

Posted by Mark Mackson on Mar 30, 2022 12:50:59 PM

Spring cleaning season is a great time to remind service customers to spruce up their cars alongside the seasonal work they do on their homes. Detailing through dealership service departments drives not only new sources of profit but also increases customer satisfaction.

GAP Insurance That Protects Profits

Posted by Mark Mackson on Feb 24, 2022 11:08:00 AM

As vehicles get more expensive and loan terms extend to an average of 67 months, GAP insurance is a compelling F&I offering for most customers financing a vehicle. But too often closing the sale is not the end of the story.

FLADCO Offers Premium Detailing Products to Drive Profitability

Posted by Mark Mackson on Feb 17, 2022 10:43:12 AM

A dealership’s detailing department is a great place to secure profits, especially when you have the right tools.We’re excited to be offering a full line of detailing offerings – including tools, systems and training – from Kent Automotive. It’s all designed with your profit in mind. The product line includes:

FLADCO Building a Slate of Useful Content for Coming Months

Posted by Mark Mackson on Feb 9, 2022 3:18:46 PM

At FLADCO, we specialize in helping dealerships increase their revenue and capture savings opportunities – all while simplifying and improving customer service with every vendor they use.

Make Sure Your CRM System is Delivering Maximum Value

Posted by Mark Mackson on Feb 2, 2022 8:34:14 PM

A great CRM system does more than provide the basics on your customers and prospects. The latest CRM solutions can help dealerships close more deals, sell more products and keep service bays filled – and do it all in a largely automated way.

Keep your shop stocked while saving time and money

Posted by Mark Mackson on Jan 26, 2022 10:23:52 AM

We all know that supply chains are frayed worldwide, so a reliable provider of shop supplies is critical these days.

Here's to Even More Momentum in 2022

Posted by Mark Mackson on Jan 5, 2022 2:15:18 PM

The automotive industry just had a crazy year that included record-setting profits and painful shortages. We enjoyed being part of it – even the most challenging aspects. That’s because working with our dealership partners and elite providers surrounds us with some of the best people in the industry.

The right GAP plan limits chargebacks and protects profits

Posted by Mark Mackson on Dec 15, 2021 11:14:30 AM

GAP coverage is a great tool for delivering value to customers while boosting F&I revenue, but all dealers have felt the pain of chargebacks due to early cancellations.

Dealerships Getting Creative to Solve Staffing Issues

Posted by Mark Mackson on Nov 3, 2021 8:31:17 AM

A Cox Automotive study this month showed that 57% of dealerships face staffing challenges, and 80% expect them to get worse. This is hitting service bays especially hard, where qualified technicians are particularly hard to come by. Coupled with parts shortages, it’s really eating into the bottom line for many dealers.

Kent Automotive is a proven provider for getting dealerships the critical parts they need, but they’re also an innovative partner in the drive for increased profits.

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