Are those Toll-Free Campaign Numbers Lowering your Google Rankings?

Posted by Mark Mackson on Feb 16, 2017 10:38:44 AM

 One of the most valuable intangible assets your dealership has is its main telephone number.  What would you sell it for?  The value is almost incalculable, and you would never sell it without selling the entire dealership.  If you are using toll-fee numbers for call recording and tracking, please read on because the value of your main dealership number may be compromised along with your search engine rankings.  Here’s why: 

Google matches your dealership’s name, address and telephone number.  When they connect that information, they place the name, address and telephone number in a cluster together with additional information such as your franchises, unique value proposition, hours, etc.  Each time Google finds your name, address and phone number repeated, your dealership is credited with another positive citation.  The more times the cluster match repeats across the internet, the higher your dealership’s rankings.  Of course, there is more to it, but at the top level, this is key.

If Google can’t match your dealership’s name, address and main telephone number because a campaign number was substituted, Google creates a new cluster because they detected a different telephone number.  The new cluster begins to build its frequency calculation at the expense of your main number.  When you think about your telephone number, it’s the most unique identifier your dealership has.  Google recognizes the unique nature of your telephone number, and that’s why they place the emphasis on it that they do.  Essentially, your telephone number is the connector that binds your dealership’s cluster of information together with Google.  Bottom line—the more fragmented cluster of information Google detects driven by multiple phone numbers, the lower your dealership’s search ranking online.

What’s the solution?  First of all, you need to give your main dealership telephone number the respect it deserves.  If there’s any telephone number that should be recorded, tracked and analyzed, it’s your main number.  You need a solution that can record, track and analyze your naming number(s) without ever giving up control of the number(s).  Your telephone numbers are far too valuable to transfer away to another company for any purpose.  There are companies today that have the technology to record and track all your numbers while your numbers remain right where they belong- associated with your dealership telephone system-not ported away to a call recording company.

Visit "Use Your Dealership Phone Number to Increase Your Value not the Call Recording Company's Value" for more critical information regarding phone numbers or click HERE


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