Use Your Dealership Phone Number to Increase Your Value not the Call Recording Company's Value

Posted by Mark Mackson on Feb 16, 2017 10:39:48 AM

While we are on the subject of those valuable phone numbers, consider that if you are using numbers borrowed from a call recording company, you are essentially increasing the value of the call recording company’s owned telephone number assets at your expense.  When you use most call recording company provided telephone numbers, you don’t own them—you only rent them.  The fact is the telephone numbers you may be using in your campaigns may have been previously rented to a competitor’s dealership, and Google has a long memory.  Bottom line about telephone numbers—always own every number you use in your dealership—whether the numbers are associated with campaigns, cellular or desk phones.  By owning every telephone number, each time they are used or displayed, you are increasing the value of your dealership’s assets, not somebody else’s.

One final thought on telephone numbers:  It used to be we had to pay for our individual phone calls, thus the value of toll-free numbers.  Those days are long gone, so why are we still using toll-free numbers?  The public knows when they see a toll-free number associated with a local business that there is something up, and it’s not about saving them the cost of a phone call.  Going forward, please consider using only local phone numbers owned by your dealership.  Local telephone numbers reinforce the local presence of your dealership.


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