Compelling Products Can Boost F&I Profits

Posted by Mark Mackson on Aug 8, 2018 6:00:00 AM

As F&I becomes an increasingly important part of per-vehicle revenue, it is critical to deliver F&I offerings that customers want to buy. Automotive News says that F&I profits now exceed those on new cars themselves. The top public dealership group, AutoNation, now averages $1,789 in F&I profit per vehicle, and some privately held dealerships are easily outpacing that impressive figure.

Increasing your F&I figures does more than help combat shrinking margins on new cars. It can also increase customer satisfaction and traffic at dealerships’ service departments. The best F&I products sell themselves through clear terms, great customer service and outstanding reviews.

Here are some things to look for in F&I products:

  • Offers clear and fair terms. Plans that bury exceptions and exclusions in fine print invariably upset customers and are harder to sell. Find providers that clearly state what’s covered and back it up with prompt responses to claims.
  • Helps the dealership. Make sure what you’re selling boosts your bottom line, and coordinate with the service and/or collision repair departments to explain the value of F&I products and benefit from any claim-based work.
  • Meets diverse needs. One size does not fit all with F&I products. Customers have different budgets and priorities. Those living in high-risk areas may respond to theft plans while families may be more concerned with interior protection. Similarly, different makes have different reliability and warranty protection. Align your sales approach with your customers’ likely concerns and expectations by offering a variety of options. For example:
    • Providers like RoadVantage deliver exceptional customer service and hassle-free claims for a wide variety of F&I needs
    • Wise F&I offers a full suite of offerings at budget friendly prices.
  • Covers either new or used vehicles. Long overlooked, there are a number of F&I products that can increase margins on used vehicles. Products like United Car Care even cover high-mileage vehicles, allowing you to deliver peace of mind to your customers and dramatically increase profits at your dealership.

As margins shrink on new cars, increasing F&I profitability has never been more important. By matching the right products to each customer, you can increase profits and customer satisfaction.

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