Drive More Revenue To Your Service Department

Posted by Mark Mackson on Aug 12, 2020 6:00:00 AM

Getting more results out of your fixed ops departments starts with getting customers in the door. Thats especially true and important when it comes to service departments.

A Cox Automotive survey showed that 72% of customers use third-party mechanics. Thats a huge pool of potential customers to tap into, and ReminderTRAX is designed to make it easy.

ReminderTRAX builds lasting and loyal service department relationships by keeping in regular contact with customers through tailored mail and email notifications. Using your existing customer data, ReminderTRAX is all about getting customers in for service through:

  • Recommended maintenance reminders
  • Reactivating inactive customers
  • Offering service incentives
  • Generating sales with special offers

How you leverage this powerful tool is up to you. That’s because you can easily customize your approach and track your results seamlessly. ReminderTRAX gets results that you can see immediately — and it does it all for less money than other marketing methods.

To start filling your service bays, contact FLADCO today.


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Mark Mackson

Mark is the Founder and CEO of Fladco.
He has over 30 years of Financial and
Group Purchasing experience.

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