Partnering with your F&I providers to increase customer satisfaction and eliminate heat

Posted by Ian Gamberg on May 3, 2022 2:23:02 PM

Running a successful dealership is hard enough without trying to juggle a dozen provider relationships. That’s even more true when there’s a problem with a provider or a customer is unhappy with an outcome – especially when it comes to claims on F&I products.

You must ensure that your providers are accessible, even on nights and weekends to take the heat off your dealership personnel and resolve issues quickly:

  • Taking the heat. The last thing you need on a busy Saturday is an irate customer disrupting your showroom. You need a direct line to the people who can get things done and provide fast answers. Even if a claim is rejected, your provider should turn the customer’s anger away from the dealership and explain the cause for denial to the customer to ensure their understanding.
  • Fast resolution. Your team needs to be able to get in immediate contact with any provider, ensuring problems are resolved quickly and taking all the pressure off of your dealership. If your F&I partner or agent isn’t sharing their cell phone with you, it’s time to look for another partner.
  • Service excellence. Your partners should not only responsive to your dealership, but your customers as well. Are they willing to speak directly to your customers to address questions or concerns? Partners must strive to find ways to get claims paid, and if they can’t make that happen, they should take the heat and explain the situation to the customer.
If you’re not using FLADCO to manage all your vendor relationships, you’re probably missing out on pricing and service advantages. We can show you how with a quick call. Drop us a line to get started.



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Ian Gamberg

Ian Gamberg is a Business Development Manager at FLADCO (Florida Auto Dealer Co-op).

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