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Posted by Ian Gamberg on Apr 14, 2022 8:23:34 AM

Getting the most out of your F&I programs is incredibly important. For more than 25 years, FLADCO has been honing our approach to make sure dealerships are offering the best F&I products and getting the most out of them.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing tips and tactics that will help you dial in your F&I program and ensure you’re maximizing value along the way. Here are some things we’ll be sharing:

  • Week 1: Making sure you have the right product mix for your customers
    • Do your products compete with each other or complement your offerings?
    • Are you offering products that your customers need and can afford?
  • Week 2: How to avoid the sting of chargebacks and cancellations
    • Avoiding chargebacks is the best insurance against cancelations
    • Products like ExpressGAP for GAP and No Charge Back coverage can save you tens of thousands in avoided chargebacks
  • Week 3: Reducing or eliminating friction points with providers
    • When challenging cases arise, can you get quick resolution from your vendor or provider?
      • Ensuring customer concerns are addressed while protecting customer loyalty and satisfaction with the dealership
      • Preventing cancellations before they occur is the best practice to avoid friction points
  • Week 4: Eliminating risks with finance managers
    • Florida is a tricky state when it comes to F&I products
    • Is your dealership compliant? Are all departments up to speed and trained on compliance?
    • We make sure your dealership is compliant and train your managers to be as well
  • Week 5: Helping your sales and finance teams cooperate
    • Oftentimes, finance and sales departments bump heads on front end products and pricing
      • Do your programs help both sales and finance professionals succeed?

We’re here to make dealerships more successful, profitable and effective. Look for this five-part series on F&I excellence starting next week.



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Ian Gamberg

Ian Gamberg is a Business Development Manager at FLADCO (Florida Auto Dealer Co-op).

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