One quick call could lower your costs by 40%

Posted by Chris Griffey on Nov 11, 2021 11:52:11 AM

The current supply chain environment has made budget season even more difficult and booming inflation means cutting costs is critical.

FLADCO can help in 10 minutes or less. Either in-person, virtually or on a call, we’ll review your current contracts and invoicing and demonstrate the savings FLADCO delivers.

On average, dealerships save 20% on shop supplies, but we have seen as high as 43% just by switching to one of FLADCO’s partners – Kent Automotive. We recently helped a group save 26.6% after they switched two Nissan dealerships and one Mitsubishi dealership to our program.

Switching delivers more than just savings:

  • Kent only services the automotive industry and their service reputation is stellar
  • Kent provides a dedicated rep to handle your account – not a nameless call center
  • FLADCO ensures every interaction and order runs smoothly
  • FLADCO keeps auditing to ensure you’re never surprised by price changes

Going into 2022 Auto Dealers need to be more creative than ever so meet with FLADCO and let’s start getting creative.

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