Three Ways to Make Lifelong Customers

Posted by Mark Mackson on Oct 19, 2017 6:00:00 AM

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There are 860 new car dealerships in Florida, according to the Florida Automobile Dealers Association, and each of them would gladly service your customer’s vehicle. How do you make sure they come back to your dealership?

Think about the customer buying cycle for a minute. They start by purchasing a new car, continue maintenance on that car, shop for a new car, and then purchase to restart the cycle. What are you doing to make sure car buyers turn into lifelong customers?

Here are three ways to you can make sure your customers stay:

  1. Get their first service scheduled immediately. After they purchase their vehicle schedule their first service with your service department. This will get them on the books early and show them you’re committed to retaining their business before someone even has the opportunity.
  2. Advertise in your customer’s vehicle. The average dealership spent over $500,000 on advertising last year. Do you know how much of that reached your customers? Promotional hang tags offer your dealership a combination of something you already use – dispatch tags - with something you want – advertising your customers can’t miss. Leave them hanging in your customer’s vehicle to offer them incentives for their next visit.
  3. Survey your customer in the dealership. Don’t rely on the OEM survey to help resolve customer complaints. Create a personalized survey for your dealership to learn your customer’s true thoughts. Surveying customers in the dealership can lead to a 6% improvement in CSI and an 80% response rate[i]!

Promotional hang tags have the ability to improve your dealership’s CSI and offer an attractive ROI by combining many products you already purchase into one. Customize them to your dealership’s needs and take full advantage of products you already purchase today.

To learn more about promotional hang tags, contact your Reynolds Document Services Consultant, call (800-344-0996), or email RDS@reyrey.com


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