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Posted by Mark Mackson on Jul 10, 2019 9:29:16 AM

By now many customers know that a lost vehicle key can be costly. Sophisticated fobs can cost as much as $800, so insuring against loss, towing costs and lockout service has long been a solid F&I proposition. Selling a key protection plan becomes a lot easier with KeyFetch, because KeyFetch does more than just insure.

KeyFetch offers similar outstanding insurance as competing key replacement plans, but adds a unique, police-endorsed system that makes returning lost keys simple and anonymous. This means customers get their lost key back within a few hours up to 80% of the time – a faster and more convenient option than going through a time-consuming replacement process.

Using the data provided on the fob, anyone who finds the key can connect with the owner online without exchanging any personal information. After a quick online chat to establish a pickup spot, the keys are reunited with your customer safely and securely.

KeyFetch has a proven track record of protecting all kinds of valuables. Its key protection program builds on that success and allows KeyFetch to offer its plan at roughly half the price of competing programs – providing more room for margins and better value for customers.

The added value of KeyFetch doesn’t stop there. The program uses two elegant key rings, branded with your dealership information alongside the KeyFetch information. These can be activated immediately, providing a classy reminder of your dealership throughout the ownership of the vehicle. When it comes to key replacement offerings, KeyFetch covers all the bases:

  • Lower costs and higher margins than competing offerings
  • Unique internet program designed to quickly reunite keys with owners
  • Premium dealership branding on two key fobs and optional branded websites
  • Immediate activation, facilitating a fast sale for new or existing sales of even service customers
  • Covers up to $800 in replacement costs and emergency towing and locking via a service insurance policy

KeyFetch is not simply a key protection plan. It’s a police-recommended offering that is designed to obviate the need for insurance. This is key replacement program that will take your F&I sales to a new level. Start earning more with KeyFetch today by contacting FLADCO.


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Mark Mackson

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He has over 30 years of Financial and
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