PermaSafe Makes it Easy to Overcome Common Customer Objections

Posted by Mark Mackson on Jun 19, 2019 6:00:00 AM

We’ve told you about a great new F&I offering in PermaSafe, a unique surface protectant that shields passenger cabin surfaces from stains, fading, premature wear and other damage while also virtually “germ-proofing” them by continuously eliminating over 99.9% of surface and airborne bacteria, viruses and other germs

Here, we’ll cover some typical challenges to selling this outstanding product, and how to PermaSafe was designed to overcome them.


Few products offer the price flexibility that PermaSafe does. That’s because the product itself has a low cost for dealers, who are free to set the retail price they want. Because it  installs in as little as 15 minutes with PermaSafe-provided equipment and no special training indoors or out with no technician expertise or service bay, you get the ultimate in price flexibility, allowing the customer to negotiate and still protecting your F&I profits.


No customer wants to add time they have to spend at the dealership, and PermaSafe doesn’t require them to. This protection can seamlessly be part of the normal vehicle prep process, adding no wait time for the customer.


PermaSafe may sound too good to be true, but it’s designed to continuously eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold and other harmful microbes while delivering exceptional wear, odor and stain protection. It can remain effective for the life of the vehicle and is backed by an outstanding three-year guarantee that provides peace of mind to any customer.


PermaSafe is designed to last. It will protect the vehicle for years to come. When applied, it forms a covalent bond with vehicle surfaces, forming a co-polymer that becomes a permanent part of every surface within the vehicle.


If PermaSafe is killing all those microbes, customers may wonder if it’s safe for passengers. PermaSafe is approved by the EPA, and safe for children, pets and adults. It uses the same non-toxic, eco-friendly formula trusted by hospitals for operating rooms. PermaSafe enhances safety by eliminating germs through a patented process that doesn’t use dangerous chemicals and can remain effective for the life of the vehicle. This is radically different from conventional disinfectants or antimicrobials that kill germs by poisoning them with toxic chemicals and only remain effective a short time.

Help your customers protect their vehicles and passengers by making PermaSafe a part of every new and preowned sale. PermaSafe will significantly increase your per-vehicle revenue with almost no effort required. Start adding to your bottom line by contacting FLADCO.


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