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Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 9, 2020 6:00:00 AM

Drivers choose subscription-based systems that help keep them connected and safe on the road while adding a layer of security to their vehicle. While vehicle telematics systems are an ideal F&I revenue opportunity, they also open many recurring revenue doors and automate many aspects of vehicle management for dealers.

Guidepoint Systems is the #1 aftermarket vehicle telematics provider, backing its cutting-edge technology with exceptional 24/7 service. Customers love the peace of mind and convenience that comes with telematics from Guidepoint, including 24/7 coverage that includes: 

  • Vehicle tracking that customers can track on their smartphone
  • Theft deterrence from tracking in addition to visual cues and a team that helps law enforcement recover it if it’s stolen
  • Emergency or roadside assistance anytime and anywhere
  • Concierge services for directions, traffic information or even reservations 

Dealers choose Guidepoint because it makes them money before the sale, in the F&I room and then helps secure recurring revenue. Here’s how: 

  • Profits at the time of sale while delivering a high-demand luxury service to customers.
  • It’s an outstanding lot management tool, automating many aspects of inventory management like vehicle condition and service reports and where the vehicle is located. This is all done 24/7 with no input required because Guidepoint easily integrates with most DMS software.
  • Maximize loaner fleet profitability and efficiency by automatically tracking while recouping tolls and fuel costs with no hassle.
  • It’s brand agnostic – it can be added to most makes, models and year of vehicle.
  • It drives service revenue because it will alert both dealers and customers when service is due – giving dealers the opportunity to proactively fill service bays. 

To take advantage of all that Guidepoint offers, contact FLADCO.


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