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Posted by Mark Mackson on Oct 30, 2019 5:45:00 AM

Keeping an eye on mundane aspects of your expenses is time-consuming and irritating. It’s hard to know you’re getting the best price, and when comparing parts like fasteners, often separated in price by pennies, it can feel meaningless.

It’s anything but.

FLADCO helps dealerships save while doing all the heavy lifting of price-comparison and quality assurance – from an initial quote to ongoing contracts.

One quick audit uncovers 26% in savings
A large Florida Kia dealership recently had FLADCO do a pricing audit on fasteners. It showed a cost-savings of more than 26% for commonly used shop supplies, generating savings of thousands of dollars each year – just by switching providers to Kent Automotive in a single-location dealership.

We recently told you how Kent backs its small parts for repair shops with software, systems and people designed to drive profits and improve productivity. FLADCO delivers those benefits alongside significant savings.

Kent is one of many vendors and services available through FLADCO, which is dedicated to boosting profits and improving service for automotive dealers through the power of group purchasing for anything dealerships need to support vehicle sales and service.

Get started with a free pricing audit on any services or supplies your dealership uses, then enjoy superior pricing, service and outcomes with FLADCO’s buying power, customer-centric approach and ongoing quality assurance efforts.

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Mark Mackson

Mark is the Founder and CEO of Fladco.
He has over 30 years of Financial and
Group Purchasing experience.

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