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Posted by Mark Mackson on Aug 7, 2019 5:55:00 AM

U.S. auto sales have declined for seven straight months and Moody’s is predicting continued declines through 2020. Unless you’re selling one of the handful of growing brands, you’re seeing less foot traffic and lower sales. Maintaining profitability with fewer customers and lower sales means you’ll have to convert more opportunities – and do so more profitably – in the F&I office.

RoadVantage is designed to do just that. RoadVantage is a suite of F&I offerings – from vehicle service contracts to GAP coverage and everything in between – designed by veterans who understand customer pain points and how to overcome objections. They built RoadVantage to be simple and effective while delivering exceptional coverage and customer satisfaction.

Most customers are wary of many F&I products because they are either price prohibitive or so full of exclusions that it makes getting claims paid difficult or impossible. RoadVantage offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry and backs it with the best customer service. You can sell any RoadVantage product with confidence.

Better still, your customers will be delighted with RoadVantage once they are covered. That’s because RoadVantage approves 98% of claims in seven minutes or less and pays 99% of approved claims within an hour of receipt of a signed invoice. This is accomplished through True Coverage, which eliminates common exclusions that cause pain for customers and service departments alike. Peace of mind, pain-free claims and incredible service are what your customers will love most about RoadVantage.

When it comes to price, RoadVantage also has you covered, because they offer a broad range of ancillary and mechanical vehicle service coverage products designed to match an array of budgets and needs. Their progressive programs can be value bundled or sold separately, and work for both vehicle sales and leases.

RoadVantage is the fastest-growing F&I provider because it delivers for both dealers and their customers. It has a long track record of success, as evidenced by three consecutive years of winning the Diamond Dealers’ Choice Award in the F&I Products category.

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