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Posted by Mark Mackson on Jul 25, 2019 5:55:00 AM

The average age of Americans’ vehicles is nearly 12 years – the highest figure ever recorded. Increased reliability and economic forces are keeping vehicles on the road longer than ever. When they finally do hit dealer lots as trades, it seems inevitable these older vehicles will be destined for unprofitable auctions.

WiseMVP offers an alternative. Offered through Wise F&I and backed by their three decades of finance and insurance experience, WiseMVP is a vehicle-service contract specifically designed to help dealers monetize older trade-ins.

We all know that customers want peace of mind when closing a sale. Many are reluctant to commit to any “As Is - No Warranty” deals, meaning those older, high-mileage vehicles languish on the lot or head to auction. WiseMVP lets you convert them to standard pre-owned offerings, because coverage can begin on:

  • Vehicles up to 20 years old
  • Mileage up to 200,000

WiseMVP works like many other vehicle-coverage plans while delivering protection to a class of vehicles out of reach of most competitors. Customers enjoy compelling features and options and dealerships benefit by increasing pre-owned sales values, offering customers more choices and selling a high-margin F&I product to customers demanding it.

WiseMVP delivers choices and coverage to help close the sale fast:

  • Immediate coverage
  • Coverage for three different classes of vehicles
  • Three optional tiers of coverage with three different price points
  • Seal and gasket coverage on the two higher tiers
  • Towing, rental and roadside assistance on all plans

As customers continue to hold vehicles longer, WiseMVP will help you convert older trades into highly profitable pre-owned sales – all while generating important F&I revenue.

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