Sell More Vehicles No Matter What the Overall Market Does

Posted by Mark Mackson on May 15, 2019 9:18:00 AM

Selling more vehicles with more speed has never been more challenging — or more important. New vehicle sales declined 4% in the first quarter and the used market is expected to weaken for the year. 

We all know that the internet has revolutionized how consumers shop for cars, but it’s tough to make the internet really work to move inventory faster and more efficiently. Converting fickle, price-driven online shoppers into buyers is crucial but very difficult.

LotLinx makes it easy. It connects buyers with the exact vehicles they are seeking on your lot with artificial intelligence (AI). LotLinx is a comprehensive inventory marketing platform that automatically adjusts its approach to apply the right marketing approach for every vehicle.

How it works

LotLinx has sophisticated AI that builds and constantly refines precision marketing strategies that send the right customers to conversion-optimized vehicle display pages. It uses VIN-specific marketing via channels like third-party inventory listing sites, targeting advertising and social media, and amplifies results with search-engine marketing and retargeting. LotLinx is especially good at matching slow-moving VINs with interested buyers, but it will drive sales across any inventory.

LotLinx offers an array of tools that allow you to understand how every VIN on your lot is performing while automatically boosting results for the vehicles that need them most. Lotlinx turns any dealership into an online selling machine.

Why it matters

In the face of a tough market and fierce competition, LotLinx delivers proven results that have paid off for dozens of dealers. You can see some of their stories here. One FLADCO customer said it could be crazy not to use the technology at all of his dealerships based on just a couple of months of incredible returns. LotLinx allows you to target your marketing spend exactly where it needs to go, moving more vehicles in less time.

Ready to learn more? Contact FLADCO for an explanation of LotLinx and other tools to boost your profitability today.

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