Are Additional Service Dollars Slipping Through Your Fingers?

Posted by Mark Mackson on May 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Are Additional Service Dollars Slipping Through Your Fingers?

Did you know that, according to the Car Care Council, at any given time, 3 out of 4 cars on the road are in need of service or parts? With over 75% of vehicles requiring some form of service, chances are at least one of those vehicles has been through your service department recently.  Allowing a vehicle to leave your service department still needing additional service is not only potentially dangerous for your customer, but is also money that you are letting walkout your front door.   

However, a 2015 study by  JD Power found that when taking their vehicles in for service, only 29% of customers reported that their service advisor recommended additional service.  Of that 29%, nearly half of them agreed to have the service done at the dealership where the service was initially recommended.  The average amount per RO spent by those customers increased from $171 to $277 – an additional $106!  With such impressive statistics, the real question is, what would the remaining 71% of customers have spent if their service advisor had recommended additional service?  

One simple, efficient way to clearly communicate the recommended additional service that your customers’ vehicles may need is by using multi-point inspection forms which should be used with each and every service appointment.  Nearly half of your customers are willing to have additional service performed on their vehicle at the recommendation of their service advisor, but they must first be made aware of that needed service.   In addition to increasing your dealership’s service profits by highlighting needed service, making multi-point inspection forms an integral part of your process can aid in developing trust and building relationships between you and your customers.  This relationship is what brings your customers back for additional business in the future.

Reynolds Document Services offers a variety of OEM and generic multi-point inspection forms to suit your service department’s needs.  For more information about multi-point inspection forms, contact your Reynolds Document Services Consultant at 800.344.0996 or email RDS@reyrey.com.    


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“Three Out of Four Cars Need Service.” Car Care Council. 3 Apr. 2013, www.carcare.org/three-out-of-four-cars-need-service/


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