Service Communications Can Rev Up Sales

Posted by Mark Mackson on Nov 6, 2019 5:45:00 AM

Dealerships always strive to get customers into showrooms. As 2020 models pour onto lots, Automotive News reports than many dealers are struggling with an overhang of 2019 models to clear out, so getting that foot traffic is more important than ever.

We’re big fans of the way ReminderTrax gets service customers in the door, so we weren’t surprised that the ReminderTrax team found a way to spur sales.

Turning Service Into Sales

We’re all familiar with outreach efforts offering premiums for customers’ vehicles on trade. ReminderTrax offers a simple way to integrate these efforts into service reminders and “thank you” notes.

Using the current ReminderTrax “Thank You” communication, dealers can position the message as an offer to purchase or take a trade on the customer’s vehicle. Whereas the “Thank You” communication is often used to address CSI scores, ReminderTrax provides enormous flexibility thanks to its many unique filters, which include the ability to:

  • Target specific models, makes, years and even fuel types
  • Target specific ZIP codes
  • Capture both new or used offers
  • Target certain repair order dollar amounts

The promotion takes a ReminderTrax “Thank You” email and couples it with a customizable print message delivered to customers that meet your criteria. Messaging can include easily updated current incentives and offers designed to spur action from the customer.

This allows dealers to benefit from the comprehensive reporting and ROI information ReminderTrax offers while delivering sales prospects from a fixed ops department.

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Detailed ROI reports
  • Driving

This is an easy-to-implement program that integrates directly into existing CSI efforts, minimizing the cost and time to execute. It’s a great way to differentiate your dealership while increasing foot traffic in your showroom, ultimately turning prospects into buyers — all based on the specific goals of your dealership.

To start getting more out of your communications with ReminderTrax, contact FLADCO today.


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