How Can FLADCO and Staples Workplace Studio Help Your Automobile Dealership Hold Onto Good Employees?

Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 20, 2017 2:20:14 PM

By:  Mark Mackson, on August 1, 2017
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In three separate articles, one on Forbes.com (9/7/2016), another on TheBalance.com (11/23/2016) and yet another on CNBC.com (2/27/2017), one of the main reasons that top employees leave a company is that the work environment is “no fun.” It’s just plain boring. There’s no humor, no personal touch, no personality. The work is just OK, the building is boring, the employee breakroom is bad or non-existent, the boss doesn’t seem to care and therefore morale is low. When morale is low, employees start looking for a “better” employer.

What can you, the employer, do to help the daily morale of your staff?


  1. Conduct Stay Interviews 

Don’t wait until the employee leaves the organization to find out what was going well, what could have been better, and what kind of relationship that person had with their manager. Instead, meet with team members annually to discuss these items. Ask for feedback on recent events, provide advanced notice on upcoming events, answer any questions, etc.

  1. Empower Your Team 

Everyone should take full ownership of his or her own responsibilities. Managers are there to convey trust, facilitate and support. Since we hire experienced and talented people who know very well how to do their job, we aim at empowering them as much as possible and making everyone feel like an entrepreneur in their own area of competence (with the potential to grow outside of their original area of competence).

  1. Check in Regularly 

In most cases, attrition can be greatly reduced through regular check-ins with your employees. Giving them the opportunity to discuss their strengths, career aspirations, and the items they struggle with will show your workforce that you're dedicated to their professional growth and addressing their concerns. In most cases, these meetings take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

  • Per U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees are only staying in a job on average for 1.5 years
  • No Respect - there is an old saying that employees do not leave a company, they leave a manager
  • No matter how much you like, respect, or appreciate an employee, if they do not know it, they may leave
  • Make sure interactions with employees are always respectful
  • Some of the most successful companies can attract and retain great employees because they are great at communicating their vision from the top down to the front-line workers
  • Have you outlined a clear path for advancement for your best employees?
  • It pays to get to know your employee’s goals and help them see how they can achieve them within your company
  • Equality-employees do not want to stick around in a workplace that does not treat them fairly

People enjoy coming to work at a place where they believe upper management wants the employees to be comfortable and happy at their jobs. In the Forbes article, it’s boiled down to “The idea is simple: if work is fun, you’ll not only perform better, but you’ll stick around for longer hours and an even longer career.” Many employees surveyed said they knew their wishes were being considered when the employer provided improvements to the workplace with paint, furniture, lighting, employee lounge/breakroom, games, contests, employee get-togethers, etc. When the staff feels that the boss is doing something just for them, even if it is also good for business, they feel appreciated and happier. And they will stay working at YOUR dealership.

Now, how can FLADCO help and participate in your efforts to keep your employees feeling good about coming to work each day? Our partnership with Staples Business Advantage can provide ways for your employees to feel appreciated and to keep their morale high:

  • Staples has over 70 interior designers across the nation who are experienced in designing a workspace that not only looks good and feels inviting to your customers but causes your employees to feel comfortable and proud to work in that space.
  • With personal representation in your area, they can assist you to furnish a space (large or small) that your staff can call their own during off-times or breaks to relax, play, eat, conduct personal business and chat with other staff members.
  • As a floor-to-ceiling environment provider, Staples can coordinate color, lighting, wall coverings, floor coverings and furnishings that create a bright and cheerful atmosphere that is scientifically proven to improve morale and attitudes.
  • From designers and logistics experts to professional project managers and local installation specialists, they employ more than 1,000 furniture professionals throughout North America. They use a consultative and fact-based approach to find out exactly what you need and provide a solution designed just for you.

Staples Workplace Studio can provide you with tailored workspace solutions that not only look good, but also enhance the way that you work. A well-planned space can foster a more productive and happier work environment. So, in the end, they’re not only designing a better workspace, they’re also helping you design a better workday.

Follow the link http://hub.staplesadvantage.com/h/c/279531-resources-for-furniture-buyers for more information on the capabilities of Staples along with some excellent ideas on how you can make small or great changes to your work environment to create a pleasant and productive atmosphere.


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