Lost Uniforms Cost Dealers Thousands Over the Life of Your Agreement                 Who Lost the Garments and What is the Solution?

Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 22, 2017 6:00:00 AM

By:  Mark Mackson, on September 18, 2017
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Lost garments may be costing you in excess of 10.0% of your uniform rental expenses.  So if you spend $1,500 a month, our industry’s average would suggest you are charged $150 a month for lost garments, flying completely under the radar and showing up on your invoice.

Traditionally, uniform companies do not provide a reconciliation of soiled garments picked up to cleaned garments returned.

Furthermore, some uniform companies use lost uniform charges as a means to offset low unit rates.  Until now, your only recourse is to prove to the uniform company that they are not counting your soiled garments though a manual log process.  Great idea, but how practical is it?

Vehicle Service Contract Offerings Will Boost Sales

Posted by Mark Mackson on Aug 3, 2016 8:38:07 AM

Vehicle service contracts are an important tool for “closing the sale” and will generate additional revenue, so it is important for dealerships to take every opportunity to provide this option. The best provider can offer plans for new, used, foreign and domestic vehicles while providing a very reliable source of revenue and profits back to the dealership.

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