Take the Right Steps to Save When Signing Uniform Contracts

Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 13, 2016 1:12:35 PM

Uniform contracts can obligate car dealerships to use a vendor for years, so it’s vital to fully vet a provider and understand the terms before signing. This takes time and effort but can save dealerships thousands of dollars over the course of a contract. Too often, dealerships go with the lowest price and miss important details about overall costs and service quality.

Vigilance Required to Save on Uniform Rental

Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 13, 2016 1:08:26 PM

Uniform rental for dealerships looks simple at first glance, but complex contracts can be very costly. To avoid overpaying thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a contract, dealerships need to closely monitor both their contracts and the performance of their provider.

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