Lost Uniforms Cost Dealers Thousands Over the Life of Your Agreement                 Who Lost the Garments and What is the Solution?

Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 22, 2017 6:00:00 AM

By:  Mark Mackson, on September 18, 2017
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Lost garments may be costing you in excess of 10.0% of your uniform rental expenses.  So if you spend $1,500 a month, our industry’s average would suggest you are charged $150 a month for lost garments, flying completely under the radar and showing up on your invoice.

Traditionally, uniform companies do not provide a reconciliation of soiled garments picked up to cleaned garments returned.

Furthermore, some uniform companies use lost uniform charges as a means to offset low unit rates.  Until now, your only recourse is to prove to the uniform company that they are not counting your soiled garments though a manual log process.  Great idea, but how practical is it?

FLADCO’s uniform provider, Cintas, provides an industry leading solution for the auto dealer, TruCount.  TruCount does not exist with other major competitors.

Currently, competitor uniform companies are coming in, picking up dirty garments, dropping off clean garments, you’re signing an invoice, and nobody really has any idea of what uniforms are coming in or going out.

Here is how TruCount works:

When the service sales representative (or SSR)/driver is at your facility, he/she will scan every single garment on-site and will print for you a document called the Garment Pickup Report, which is completely separate from your invoice, showing you exactly what he/she is taking back to our facility.

At the Cintas plant all of the information from the pickups is downloaded into their computer system so the plant knows every single shirt and pant that the SSR has brought back with them for that specific day.

Once the garments are prepared for customer delivery, a reconciliation report is printed.  This ensures all garments are ready to be loaded back onto the truck for your delivery at a 100% return rate from what was picked up at the customer site from the previous week’s service.

On the day of delivery, your Cintas SSR will bring to you a Cintas Service Summary sheet, again completely separate from your invoice.  This will allow the service professional to match up the Garment Pickup Report that we left with you last week, to the Service Summary sheet, proving to you that they are bringing back every garment that your employees turned in the week before.

Unlike what is stated above, this is an entirely automated system and transfers the proof of lost garments to your provider where it belongs.

At Cintas, it is a requirement and job duty of each and every SSR to scan all the dirty garments at your facility, while also providing you with the documented reconciliation through the TruCount system, showing you exactly what they are picking up every single week and matching that up the next week to what they are bringing back.  This will ensure that each of your employees gets back every single shirt and pant that they turned in the week before.


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