Turn Your Collision Center Into a Profit Center

Posted by Mark Mackson on Sep 12, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Turn Your Collision Center Into a Profit Center

Dealerships that offer collision repair shops have a great potential resource for profitability. With the average collision center performing nearly 30 jobs a week on average, maximizing each transaction can bring sizable benefits and a steady source of solid profit opportunity.

Little Things Add Up

One key way to get the most out of each job is to ensure you’re accounting for every cost along the way. Many shops make the mistake of thinking it’s a waste of time to meticulously track little items like clips, fasteners and adhesives. That’s a costly decision because many insurers pay claims based on exactly what’s accounted for on an invoice. Those small items add up to an estimated $600 million in disposables used every year for collision repairs throughout the U.S. If you’re not billing for each item, chances are good that you’re not making enough on it.

Boost Profits Today

You can improve your tracking and your profits immediately and for free. Kent Automotive offers the free PROS Profit Enhancement Tool, which is a web based program (including an app) that makes it easy to detail every product used in every repair order. It’s simple to use, integrates with widely used estimating software like CCC ONE, uses barcodes and captures every detail for every order.

Additional Benefits

Tools like PROS do more than deliver profits—they also improve efficiency by allowing you to better track inventory, create invoices more easily and ensure job costing is as accurate as possible. Once implemented, these systems cut down on work.

Make it a Habit

Some dealerships have seen more than $50,000 a year in profit improvement for their collision centers just by using this free tool. Those that have been most successful have incentivized staff, providing a portion of the to collision center managers or employees so that they directly benefit from the tracking. This is a key for ensuring a profit enhancement system is embraced.

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