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Posted by Mark Mackson on Aug 21, 2019 9:12:02 AM

Customers have never had more ways to contact dealerships. Between landlines, cellphones, email and the web, capturing customer information can feel overwhelming. Leveraging all the information you can is a big way of turning leads into closed sales, so you want to capture every detail possible with your customer interactions.

dealerTEL does just that. Designed exclusively for automotive dealers, dealerTEL’s comprehensive communications suite does a lot more than ensure that it’s always easy to connect with customers. It also provides the latest in security, captures critical data and provides analytics that help drive sales.

dealerTEL offerings include integrated hosted VoIP office phones, mobile phones, high-speed internet, call recording and speech analytics. The whole package integrates seamlessly into existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and is hosted in reliable and secure private data centers. dealerTEL solves many vexing communication problems with unique features:

  • Connect with customers quickly and seamlessly. dealerTEL connects mobile phones with our hosted VoIP (desk) phone system, and offers seamless call routing across locations and devices.
  • Know and remember every customer. dealerTEL allows dealers to automatically record calls and publish them to your CRM system.
  • Control your devices and information. dealerTEL lets you own every number your customers and employees use, from mobile to desktop, by integrating them in one seamless phone system that requires no hardware. It also ensures full device security with features like remote device locking and wiping, device mapping, app management, geo-fencing and more.
  • Reliability backed by cloud computing, ensuring you’re always up and running and data is secure, backed up and reliable every time.
  • Track performance with detailed analytics that track all inbound and outbound call information and even real-time advertising campaign performance.

As margins get squeezed and sales traffic slows, it’s more important than ever to turn customer contacts into active leads that you can convert into business. Contact FLADCO to get the power of dealerTEL working for you.


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