Dealership Testimonials 

fladco testimonials

“We would recommend FLADCO to any company seeking a personal touch, consolidated billing and improved economic standing."

- Jim Martin, Fixed Operations Director
Eagle Buick GMC

FLADCO improves profits while saving time, money and worry

Customer satisfaction drives dealership profitability. Any time spent away from meeting customer needs is time wasted. FLADCO gives you that time back. Our fully vetted, certified vendor programs connect dealerships with a slate of best-in-class vendors who provide everything needed to run a very profitable dealership.

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"We have used the FLADCO vendor programs for decades and have experienced tremendous customer support and profit improvement as a result. We have used virtually all of their vendor programs—from automotive chemicals to forms and printing—all with positive profit results!"

Jerry Morgan

Executive Manager, Jack Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC

Lehman Autoworld Logo

"We regularly have FLADCO review areas of spend in our dealerships. FLADCO has been keeping our vendors honest for over 15 years, including our uniform providers, shop supply vendors, chemical providers and office/janitorial supply vendors. When a need arises, we always turn to FLADCO first and they have yet to let us down."

Albert Moas

Fixed Operations Director, Lehman Autoworld

Century Buick GMC-3

"We've been with FLADCO since its inception in the Tampa Bay area. FLADCO brings the best, most reputable vendors to the table so it cuts through the vendor interview process. It streamlines billing by giving us another set of eyes to check the nuances of the bill. A lot of times, a vendor will subtly increase the amount billed over time. With FLADCO, we have a watchdog."

Ralph Ghioto III

President, Century Buick, GMC

Gordon Chevrolet-3

"Our dealership departments have been using FLADCO vendors for nearly 20 years. We have found them to be extremely competitive in their pricing but, more importantly, we can trust that the vetting has been thorough and the vendor is monitored for ongoing compliance. This gives us “peace of mind.” We have experienced non-FLADCO vendors who have portrayed themselves as a FLADCO vendor, causing undue performance and profit risks. Therefore, I always say, “FLADCO first” in all procurement decisions. "

Nathan Potratz

Executive Manager, Gordon Chevrolet

kendall Mitsubishi-2

"At Kendall Mitsubishi we were utilizing a janitorial company for the cleaning of our dealership and they were stocking the restroom supplies. Costs were hard to control and management was becoming time-consuming. As I usually do, I turned to our FLADCO representative for consulting. He offered us a solution that allowed us to control our spending without adding additional work for our staff. They even provided us brand new dispensers and installed them as well at no upfront cost. FLADCO is a true partner; our uniforms, shop supplies, office supplies and warranties all are through the FLADCO program."

Omar Pernia

Dealer Principal, Kendall Mitsubishi

Earl Stewart Toyota-1

"Whether it's shop supplies, janitorial services, forms & printing or uniforms, we have found FLADCO to be a trustworthy partner for more than 20 years. It's like having our own purchasing department without the cost! Not only that, but FLADCO also serves an additional level of customer support. Although rare, when a vendor issue arises, Ian and FLADCO are right on top of it and get results. I recommend that all dealers have FLADCO do a review of their current spending. It's done at no cost to the dealership and shines brightly on spending habits in your dealership."

Earl Stewart

Dealer Principal, Earl Stewart Toyota

century 2-3

" I love FLADCO, and here are a couple of examples why: 1. Recently, we were purchasing from several shop supply vendors. When we asked for FLADCO’s help, they offered a single source for all shop supplies at a purchase cost savings exceeding 20% and including the soft savings of vendor consolidation! 2. FLADCO had its facility vendor complete an audit of all purchases of restroom and cleaning supplies. We were able to eliminate waste and reduce purchase costs by over 10%, for a total savings from waste and purchase costs exceeding 30%. 3. FLADCO’s influence with their vendors, when needed, has improved our vendor performance and relationships. 4. FLADCO’s representation, follow-up and continued support from their employees is wonderful. They also look into any concerns or shortcomings from any of the vendor relationships. 5. Doing business with FLADCO is having a business partner. "

Guy K Denig

Fixed Operations Director, Century Buick GMC

Florida Fine Cars-3

"We asked FLADCO to review several areas of spend. They made cost savings recommendations in a low-pressure manner and were there every step of the way in implementing the new programs. We realized better than a 20% savings on our shop supplies and were able to consolidate multiple vendors to just one. When we opened our new West Palm Beach location, we turned to FLADCO as a resource. Their furniture design team showed us options, and we wound up utilizing them and saved thousands of dollars. They also provided us with restroom dispensers at no charge, and we are saving better than 15% on restroom and cleaning supplies at all of our locations. We always find them to be a great resource for supplier/vendor management. Most recently, we have partnered with FLADCO and United Car Care as our Vehicle Service Contract provider and have quickly realized an increase to PVR. I highly recommend you talk to them about reducing expenses and increasing the bottom line."

Ramin Farahmand

Dealer Principal, Florida Fine Cars

Crown Kia-2

"I had FLADCO perform an invoice review for a 3 month period for all shop supplies, janitorial and office supplies. The information they presented to me was quite compelling and after a few small changes were made in my store alone, the expense savings exceeded 20% annually. Along with the savings, this gave us the opportunity to consolidate billing to one provider for almost all of the shop's needs and the necessity for excess billing to be handled by the accounting office. I strongly believe that many dealers could benefit from their services and in turn save some expense in areas that it appears are commonly exploited by our vendors. Twenty percent to me is big money, and I think the same could be said for any automotive group as well."

Evan Doel

Service Director, Crown Kia

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