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FLADCO improves profits while saving time, money and worry

Customer satisfaction drives dealership profitability. Any time spent away from meeting customer needs is time wasted. FLADCO gives you that time back. Our fully vetted, certified vendor programs connect dealerships with a slate of best-in-class vendors who provide everything needed to run a very profitable dealership.

Vendor Certification

Auto dealerships enjoy an unsurpassed level of confidence with a vendor who has passed through the FLADCO certification process. The FLADCO certification includes:

  • In-depth research to ensure top-quality programs

  • Stringent standards for quality, service and pricing

  • Price negotiations to realize maximum savings

  • Quarterly business reviews to ensure compliance to quality, service and pricing is maintained


FLADCO provides a continuously improving vendor portfolio to deliver virtually all supply and service needs for fixed operations, business office, sales administration, and the finance and insurance department at any dealership.

FLADCO vendors are fully vetted and constantly held accountable. We consistently research the latest sources and new profit opportunities to provide all of your needs.

Dealerships always save time and money by checking with FLADCO first when seeking a new or replacement vendor.

Vendor Consolidation

Operating a dealership is complex. With thousands of vendors competing for your time and budget, simply ordering maintenance repair and operating supplies can become a costly drain on resources and profitability.

FLADCO simplifies sourcing for supplies and eliminates worries about cost and quality through its certified vendor process. FLADCO allows dealerships to focus on customer service rather than worrying about vendors and supplies.

One Stop Customer Service—The Power of 1,000

It’s simple to meet everyday customer service challenges locally with a certified FLADCO vendor, but sometimes your dealership may need a larger voice — that’s where FLADCO can help. One call to FLADCO will get you “The Power of 1,000” dealerships where we advocate on your behalf. We will get it resolved quickly with “The Power of 1,000.”


"We've been with FLADCO since its inception in the Tampa Bay area. FLADCO brings the best, most reputable vendors to the table so it cuts through the vendor interview process. It streamlines billing by giving us another set of eyes to check the nuances of the bill. A lot of times, a vendor will subtly increase the amount billed over time. With FLADCO, we have a watchdog."

- Ralph Ghioto III, President, Century Buick, GMC

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