Vendor Testimonials

fladco vendor testimonials

"We have been a proud partner with FLADCO over the past 10 years. We have found their commitment to service and meeting the needs of the auto dealer mirrors our own commitment. As a result, our teams work well together to help ensure dealerships obtain all current and relevant compliance, marketing and document solutions!"

- Benoit Gadbois, Regional Sales Director
Reynolds & Reynolds

Vendor Testimonials


"As a vendor partner with FLADCO, we have been extremely pleased with the results in terms of real growth in the number of new customers and sales growth. Over the last four years, we have grown sales by 69.5%! This is truly a win/win experience for the dealership and Staples!"

Geoff Hughes

Strategic Account Leader, Staples Business Advantage


"FLADCO has been a great partner in not only gaining new business but in maintaining business! There have been many times where the dealership tells FLADCO about customer service challenges they do not want to tell the vendor about. FLADCO becomes our “eyes and ears” to ensure customer service standards are maintained and challenges are addressed to mutual, long-term customer satisfaction."

Hank Brown

Cintas Corporation

Imperial Dade

"We have been a partner with FLADCO supplying automobile dealers for nearly 20 years. While assisting dealers in finding janitorial and facility supply solutions, our relationship has produced significant growth in these markets. FLADCO has always worked for the dealer to keep their procurement needs fulfilled from best-in-class suppliers. We are proud to be considered a FLADCO supplier."

Carmen Casabielle

Director of Sales, Dade Paper


"We have been a vendor partner with FLADCO for nearly a decade, and each year we have experienced growth. The cumulative growth over the past five years has been 96.5%. I do not know of any other relationship we have that has produced such significant results! We value this relationship for many reasons including honest, regular reviews throughout the year regarding performance, expectations and customer service results."

Matt Brown

Vice President of Sales, Kent Automotive

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